Fox will repress 5th Alien Legacy disc to satisfy consumer demand

Many customers had been unhappy when they heard that Fox Home Video had been doing only a single print run of the bonus disc for the Alien Legacy Box set. While the initial idea of having to mail in a coupon to obtain this disc, featuring an extensive documentary, after buying the whole box set didn’t sit too well with most consumers in the first place, the idea that Fox would only have limited supplies of this disc caused an outcry, as many of you felt it should have been part of the box set in the first place.

Sharpline Arts, the creators of the “Alien Legacy” documentary now informed us that they have received an official confirmation from Fox that a second re-pressing of the 5th disc is underway to satisfy the demand.

This means if you have sent in your coupon before the September 1 deadline, you can rest assured, knowing that you will receive this interesting disc, just like everyone else. Sharpline Art also told us that Fox Home Video does not have plans to release or sell this disc separately, or with a re-release of the Alien DVD. In practice that means, hold on to the disc when you get it. It is almost destined to become a valuable collector’s item in years to come.

By the way, a few days ago we told you that Sharpline Arts had created a keepcase inlay for this 5th disc that is sent out by Fox in a plain cardboard wrapper, and offer it for download on their website. Believe it or not, but the company just informed us that until now they have had 18,000 downloads of these PDF files. Quite incredible!

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