For all readers with Matrix problems, here is some help

Warner Home Video’s The Matrix has a number of technical glitches, especially when playing the disc in DVD-ROM drives. Hardly any problems have been reported when playing the disc on standard DVD Video players, but due to driver problems in various DVD-ROM and video card configurations, some lock-ups can occur.

The folks from PC Friendly, the part of the software that allows you to access the dedicated DVD-ROM parts on the disc, have a dedicated FAQ section for all “PC Friendly” enabled titles on their website. While browsing through the list, we have noticed a number of comments and work-arounds for The Matrix, but also help for the DVD-ROM game on A Nightmare On Elm Street, You’ve Got Mail and many others.

If you experience problems with a title that contains the “PC Friendly” software, make sure to stop by their website and check out their technical support lists. It might help you solve your problems right there.

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