Back To The Future will not make it for Christmas

We have received a flood of email lately and the message boards in our chat area have also been showing questions regarding a release of Back To The Future on DVD through Universal Home Video.

A number of rumors have once again been fired up on the Internet by a number of DVD websites, claiming that Back to The Future would make its DVD debut before Christmas this year. As we had repeatedly pointed out before, this is an unsubstantiated rumor and far from fact.

We have just had another discussion with Universal Home Video today on a possible release of “Back To The Future” and Universal vehemently denied any plans to have the disc on the streets by the end of this year. The disc, which is still somewhat in legal limbo, is tentatively slated for a release in early 2000, provided all issues surrounding the release will be resolved by then. Materials for this Collector’s Edition have long been prepared and the authoring of the actual disc has also been completed, but for a number of reasons Universal Home Video is unable to ship the disc anytime soon.

As always, we will make sure to give you accurate details and facts as new information becomes available.

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