Alliance cancels special editions of Chasing Amy and From Dusk Till Dawn

As some of you may know Alliance is a Canadian publisher who is releasing Buena Vista’s titles for the Canadian market. Repeatedly it had happened in the past that Alliance was able to release products that contained more features than their domestic counterparts released by Buena Vista Home Video, as well as 16×9 enhancements.

According to an email one of our readers forwarded to us, this seems to have come to an abrupt end. Alliance had scheduled special editions for Chasing Amy and From Dusk Till Dawn for release yesterday – ahead of Buena Vista’s release schedule of the same films in standard editions. Today a Canadian DVD online retailer sent out a bulletin to its customers that indicates that these special editions have been cancelled.

According to the retailer’s information the titles have been rescheduled and will now be released at the same time as Buena Vista’s, with the same features and specs as the domestic releases.

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