Space Ace for DVD Video is now shipping to retail

Digital Leisure just informed us that they have now started shipping the much awaited interactive game Space Ace. DVD owners will now be able to use the remote control for their DVD players to control the action as Ace battles the evil Commander Borf.

As one of the first animated video games in history, Space Ace features non-stop video action. The evil Commander Borf has kidnapped Ace’s girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberly, and is plotting to enslave the Earth using his dreaded “Infanto Ray”, a weapon that changes everyone it blasts into a helpless baby. Using the remote control from the DVD movie player, game enthusiasts can choose to guide Ace, or his weak alter-ego Dexter, through Borf’s strongholds to find and destroy the Infanto Ray, rescue Kimberly and save the Earth.

Space Ace, the classic laser-disc based arcade game, features spectacular quality animation created by Don Bluth, a former Disney animator famous for his work on An American Tail, The Land Before Time and he also co-directed the more recent blockbuster Anastasia. In addition to the fully playablegame, the Space Ace DVD-Video release contains exclusive interviews with Bluth and Rick Dyer, co-creators and designers of the game. A special “Watch” option allows players to view the entire game without requiring moves on the DVD remote.

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