Some news from Artisan regarding The Stand and The Blair Witch Project

Yesterday during the DVD’99 conference we had the chance to catch up with Artisan Entertainment’s Jeff Fink where he was able to tell us a little about some of the company’s upcoming DVD titles.

Artisan will start adding DVD-ROM content to their releases and The Blair Witch Project will contain such DVD-ROM content as well as web links.
Fink revealed that there will be two separate versions of “The Blair Witch Project” on DVD. The first one will be a regular version of the film that is released in order to make sure the film hits retail on DVD day & date with the VHS version. A more time-consuming special edition with a director’s cut is planned for release hopefully before Christmas.

He was also able to tell us that the long awaited Stephen King TV-mini series The Stand is well on its way for an October 19 release. “DVD-18 is finally here!” he told us excited, although currently only one authoring and replication facility, WAMO, is currently able to fulfill such projects.

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