So you want to create your own DVD? Here’s a Fast solution for everyone!

Fast Multimedia, a company specialized on desktop video solutions is now offering 601 [six-o-one], the first nonlinear editing solution worldwide based on MPEG-2 Technology.

The new 601-PrintDVD option produces DVD-compliant MPEG-2 video streams and therefore offers a unique opportunity for professional editors to enter the highly interesting business area of DVD. 601-PrintDVD software option gives 601, the world’s first MPEG-2 nonlinear video editing system, the ability to output MPEG-2 files directly to any DVD burner. With this capability, videographers and producers can create various DVD-based applications. 601Print-DVD encodes DVD-ready MPEG-2 format and exports the audio and video directly from the timeline as a DVD-compliant data stream. With 601Print-DVD, video material can also be recorded in real-time as distribution MPEG. Files can also be output to DLT or DVD-R for ultimate user flexibility.

The only thing you need now is an affordable DVD burner and you will be able to create your very own DVD content. For more information on 601 and all other video solutions by Fast, please visit their company website.

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