MPI Home Video unveils details about Dark Shadows and Faces Of Death

MPI Home Video just sent detailed information for two hot upcoming releases our way. As announced earlier, Dark Shadows is coming to DVD on September 21. Now, as MPI unveils the details, it turns out to be an elaborate special edition with a plethora of material.

It contains Dark Shadows Nightmares And Dreams, a selection of memorable highlights from the show, Inside The Shadows, an in-depth look at the series by creator/executive producer Dan Curtis, Dark Shadows On Location, a guided tour by Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard) to the points where the exteriors of the show were filmed. If you think this is plenty of material, hold on, there is more. The disc will also contain Dark Shadows Behind The Scenes, a complete history of the show, including interviews with the actors and crew, a photo gallery, program history, and a Dark Shadows episode in Spanish. In total this special edition will run over 210 minutes!

MPI Home Video will also release one of the most macabre films ever released to video. Gorgon Video’s Faces Of Death is scheduled for release on September 28, also as a special edition. Apart from the gruesome film “Faces Of Death”, this disc will also contain Fact Or Fiction?, a 60 minute documentary taking a look at the controversy over the authenticity of the material shown in “Faces Of Death”. Director Conan L. Cilaire will reveal the secrets behind such infamous scenes such as the monkey brain meal, the executions and many others. One word of heed, with its brutal and explicit depiction of death, “Faces Of Death” is definitely not for everyone’s taste!

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