Macrovision signs up Anchor Bay Entertainment for use of their copy protection

Macrovision Corporation and Anchor Bay Entertainment have just inked a multi-year agreement that enables Anchor Bay to copy protect its DVD products for select titles. Anchor Bay will use the triangular “CP”(copy protection) logo in all of its trade publications to inform video retailers that its DVDs are protected.

“We are pleased that Anchor Bay has taken this important step in copy protecting its DVD releases, ” said Richard Matuszak, vice president of sales and marketing at Macrovision. “We look forward to working with Anchor Bay in using DVD copy protection as an effective tool to increase the quantity of DVD programs available to consumers without cannibalizing videocassette revenues and profits.”

Macrovision’s DVD copy protection is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of DVD programming to VCRs without impacting the original picture. It is now used on most DVDs being released and is the only technology of its kind that is currently available to protect against unauthorized copying to VCRs.

“Our DVD copy protection agreement with Macrovision is an important element of our long-term plan to provide a broad range of DVD titles for the consumer market, ” said Dan Whitt, vice president and general manager of Anchor Bay Entertainment. “It is important that we do everything within our power to limit the unauthorized copying of our DVD titles.”

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