Jack Frost is coming to DVD on November 2 from Warner Home Entertainment

Winter is coming early this year… Warner Home Video just announced the family film Jack Frost starring Michael Keaton for release on November 2, day and date with the VHS release. Jack Frost is a warm-hearted family adventure that pulled in a $35 million blizzard at the box office.

The story follows musician and forgetful father Jack Frost, who spends most
of his time on the road struggling to get his big break, and who often must
leave his lonely son and wife waiting for him at home. One Christmas, Jack
realizes his priorities are reversed and he gives up a golden opportunity so
that he may head home for the holidays, but he gets caught in a snowstorm,
skids off the road and is killed.

The next Christmas, Jack’s son builds a snowman, dresses it in his late
father’s hat and scarf, and plays a reminiscent song on his dad’s
harmonica. That night, the snowman miraculously comes to life and changes
everything for Charlie and his family. In new form, Jack becomes the father
he never had time to be when he was alive and he teaches Charlie all of the
things he always meant to, including that it’s never too late for second

“Jack Frost” will contain an anamorphic widescreen version of the film as well as a pan & scan presentation with English and French language tracks, and will also contain the film’s theatrical trailer.

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