Image Entertainment forms joint venture to be prepared for the next stage of home video

New delivery methods for home video and audio content have been on the forefront of may executives minds these days throughout the entertainment industry. The Internet has opened new opportunities and MP3 is the perfect example for one kind of that delivery, although the prospect of low resolution low quality video delivery over the Internet is nothing too exciting.

To be prepared for the coming changes in both online delivery and new broadcast technologies, Image Entertainment, Inc. today announced the formation of a joint venture with entertainment industry veteran, Michael Lopez, president of International Consulting & Business Management (ICBM).

The joint venture will be called Aviva International, LLC. Aviva will act as international sales agent for international rights to programming licensed by Image. It is also intended that Aviva will produce, acquire, finance and develop projects for worldwide home video and broadcast distribution. The acquisition of digital downloading and streaming rights for the Internet will also be part of Aviva’s focus and strategy. The initial term of the joint venture will be one year with an option to renew for additional successive periods upon the mutual agreement of Image and Lopez.

Aviva’s emphasis will be music related projects such as live concerts and event programming. Image will distribute programming produced or acquired by
Aviva to the domestic home video market. International home video and worldwide broadcast sales will be handled through Aviva. Both Image and Aviva will
attempt to negotiate and secure digital downloading and streaming rights for the Internet.

Aviva’s initial responsibilities as Image’s international sales agent will include Sheryl Crow’s Rockin“ the Globe concert (from her recent Globe Sessions ”99 tour) and Peter Frampton’s concert taped last month in Pine Knob, Mich. In addition, Aviva will handle, on Image’s behalf, the sublicensing of international DVD rights for Eagles: Hell Freezes Over and the Twilight Zone television series, programs which are currently being distributed domestically by Image on DVD.

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