Here is some hot new information on upcoming Columbia Tristar DVD titles

Apart from the announcement of two new titles for release in September, we have also been able to obtain some interesting news on two upcoming special editions from Columbia Tristar Home Video some time later this year. The company is currently preparing a very extensive special edition of The Guns Of Navarone“ and the supplements are prepared by the good folks over at Sharpline Arts. This should be a warrant for some incredible bonus materials.

After the attention the silhouette commentary track on their recently released ”Ghostbusters“ got, Columbia Tristar is doing yet another one of these, which will be technically even more sophisticated, with the upcoming special editon of Muppets From Space. Apart from director Tim Hill, the fim will be accompanied by commentaries from various Muppets who will not sit idly watching the film and instead play off their hyperactive personalities. Just thinking about it makes me laugh already… can’t wait to see this one!

Columbia Tristar Home Video just announced the release of two more DVD titles on September 14, adding yet another gem to their extensive DVD library.

The rock opera Tommy by the British rock band ”The Who” is making its DVD debut with a new Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, containing a pan & scan version of the film as well as a 16×9 enhanced widescreen presentation. Apart from cast biographies there will be no supplements on the disc, but then again, seeing The Who, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner AND Jack Nicholson in the same film should be bonus enough. 🙂

Also coming from Columbia Tristar Home Video on September 14 is Alvarez Kelly starring William Holden as a renegade adventurer who’s caught in the middle of the Civil War. Containing a pan & scan and 16×9 enhanced presentation, the release will come in its original mono soundtrack.

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