Fox’s animated feature film Anastasia is coming to DVD this Christmas

Fox Home Video is finally releasing the animated feature Anastasia on DVD on November 16 and also has the Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones actioner Entrapment on their schedules for release on November 23. Presented in its theatrical widescreen format, “Anastasia” is the story of a young woman who is found on the streets of Paris by two young men, they try to pass her off as the daughter of the late Russian czar to collect the reward money. Soon they come to believe that she actually is the young Anastasia. The disc will cotnain a 27-minute documentary. “Entrapment” is a clever cat-and-mouse film that will also be presented in a widescreen transfer and will contain the film’s theatrical trailer. Following the theft of a valuable piece of artwork, an insurance company agent joins forces with the master thief and suspect. Their deepening attraction and distrust adds to the excitement as they approach their first heist.

You will find more information on these and other titles later in the day in our Release Section.

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