DVD Express celebrates Alfred Hitchcock’s 100th Birthday

DVD Express is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s birth Friday with a list of the Top 100 most suspenseful DVDs, as compiled by its “Undercover Critic.” The 100 movies selected were either directed by Hitchcock or feature plots or scenes inspired by the famed “Master of Suspense.” The Special Edition DVD of his 1958 romantic psycho-thriller “Vertigo” tops the list.

All films listed in DVD Express Top 100 feature a synopsis as well as selection analysis by the Undercover Critic. The list begins by ranking the greatest Hitchcock DVDs of all time in its Top 10:

1. “Vertigo: Special Edition”

2. “Psycho: Collector’s Edition”

3. “Sabotage”

4. “The 39 Steps/Criterion”

5. “The Man Who Knew Too Much: Special Edition”

6. “The Lady Vanishes: Special Edition”

7. “Strangers on a Train”

8. “Secret Agent”

9. “Jamaica Inn”

10. “Murder”

Please visit the DVD Express website for a list of the complete Hitchcock feature and Top 100 list.

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