Case Logic is now offering the first DVD storage products

You can usually tell an item is breaking for the masses when peripheral products appear in the market. With the momentum DVD has been gathering lately it is hardly surprising that a lot of spin-off products start appearing.

Case Logic, producer of all sorts of storage products are now presenting the DVT-14, a protective DVD storage.

Priced at only $6.99, the DVT-14 storage case holds 14 DVDs of 34 CD jewel cases and can be easily – and safely – be stacked.

Although DVD is still mostly viewed at home, installations in cars and expecially inflight services of various airlines make DVD an increasingly attractive alternative to watch movies on the road. As a result “Case Logic” is also offering the DVA-10/DVA-20 products show on the side. These DVD storage binders now allow you to carry your DVDs without the bulky cases, and still gives you the chance to have the liner notes around. By design these three-ring storage binders are easily expandable throughadditional protective pages. The binders are priced at $24.99 and $29.99 respectively, featuring an elegant, executive-style look. Additional binder pages are sold at $5.99 per 5-page refills.

For more information on these and other storage products, please stop by Case Logic’s website.

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