Canada gets special treatment of Chasing Amy and From Dusk Till Dawn

When it comes to Buena Vista DVD releases, I am sure many of you have wished to live up in Canada more than once. Alliance, the distributor of Buena Vista’s DVD in Canada has repeatedly released versions of films that are thicker in content than the ones delivered domestically by Buena Vista. Especially the fact that Alliance is releasing many of their films with 16×9 enhanced transfers is hard to swallow for many here in the US.

According to some information we received from the Canadian DVD User Group it is now happening again. Alliance has just announced a special edition of the Tarantino/Rodriguez splatter film From Dusk Till Dawn on September 28, as well as Chasing Amy. Both discs will be anamorphic and contain deleted scenes. “Chasing Amy” has not yet been announced for a release in the US but even if it is coming, it is highly improbable the disc would feature a 16×9 enhanced transfer.

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