York is unleashing Koloboss in DVD audiences in September

On September 28, York Entertainment will release Koloboss, an edgy terror-filled feature film. “Koloboss” is the story of Kyra, a down-on-her-luck actress, who is haunted by visions in her mind. In an attempt to release them, she puts these disturbing thoughts, pictures of her warped sense of reality, on canvas. While on location, these images seem to become a reality as they appear in the world of the living. The home where she and the other actors are staying becomes the ultimate haunted house, trapping them inside. When the killing starts, the group, unaware of her visions, searches for an escape while trying to battle the deadly force inside Kyra’s mind.

“Koloboss” will come in its uncut widescreen version with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack at a suggested retail price of $24.98 in a specially designed hologram packaging.

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