The Power Rangers get Haim Saban’s personal attention!

Haim Saban, of Saban Entertainment, has thrown his eyes on the Power Rangers according to one of our sources. Saban is reportedly a huge DVD enthusiast and is now planning to create a special edition extraordinaire for the 1995 movie Power Rangers which he co-produced.

At first the producer intented to put both films, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and its 1997 sequel Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie on one disc but due to legal issues that idea was soon canned. Instead, Saban is now focussing in bringing you “Mighty Morphin” with tons of extra features. Saban has reportedly been collecting old reels of the film together with interviews and has also hired producers to coordinate the DVD efforts. The interesting thing is that Saban feels very strongly about making this release 16×9 enhanced and seems to be determined to take the project to a different studio in case Fox Home Video is not willing to comply with his wishes.

Until all the final details become available, here’s a preliminary list of supplements that are planned for the release. Interviews with the stars, two separate audio commentaries, one with Haim Saban and director Bryan Spicer, and another one with a few of the stars if he is able to make it happen. Saban was also very impressed with the video commentary on Columbia’s “Ghostbusters”, and said he will do something to top
that. A 30 minute “Making Of” featurette and a number of music videos should also be part of the package, together with a Power Rangers DVD ROM game that was supposed to be released as a CD ROM
game two years ago, but never made it to stores. But that’s still not all folks, there are 15 minutes of alternative storyline that were shot and never used, which will be unveiled on the DVD, as well as 7 minutes of alternative Power Rangers scenes, which might be taken from various costume tests. A photo gallery with 75 images and more will round up the entire package. Now here’s the good news for all Poweer Rangers fans! Fox did not even consider Power Rangers for release on DVD, let away making it a special edition, and only thanks to Haim Saban’s efforts we should be able to witness this powerful release later this year!

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