The details about Image’s licensing of the Wade Williams Collection

As we reprted from the VSDA showfloor last week, Image Entertainment has signed an agreement with Corinth Films to release titles from the Wade Williams Collection on DVD. Today Image released more details regarding the license agreement and their plans to release the titles.

Image Entertainment intents to release at least 40 titles from the Wade Williams Collection on DVD. Producer Wade Williams is known for the care he takes in presenting pristine quality print elements for his collection of `50s classic sci-fi, horror, camp, film noir and other American movie classics.

Image’s DVD release from the Wade Williams Collection will include such audience favorites as Astounding She Monster, Brain From Planet Arous, Cosmic Man, Cosmic Monsters, Hideous Sun Demon, Cat Women From The Moon, The Crawling Eye, Destination Moon, Devil Girl From Mars, Giant From The Unknown, Kronos, Phantom Planet, Project Moonbase, and Rocketship X-M.

Five cult classics from director Edward Wood, Jr. will also be released on DVD by Image: Bride Of The Monster, Glen Or Glenda?, Jail Bait, Night Of The Ghouls and Plan Nine From Outer Space.

Also part fo the release line-up is the entire film output of Hollywood producers Harry and Leo Popkin, including Rene Clair’s 1945 classic And Then There Were None, adapted from Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, which was only recently released by HBO Home Video; the original film noir classic D.O.A., starring Edmond O’Brien, a restored version of the 1945 noir classic Detour, Champagne For Caesar, a screwball comedy starring Vincent Price, Ronald Colman and Art Linkletter, and other Popkin titles including The Thief starring Ray Milland, My Dear Secretary starring Kirk
Douglas, a rescue-suspenser The Well, and the film noir classics Impact starring Brian Donlevy, Quicksand starring Mickey Rooney and The Second Woman with Robert Young.

The deal also covers the DVD release of a number of classic `50s television series to be released on DVD including, Space Patrol, featuring Ed Kemmer and Lynn Osborne, the adult science fiction series Tales Of Tomorrow with episodes starring James Dean, Paul Newman, Rod Steiger, Leslie Neilsen, Boris Karloff, Lee J. Cobb, Lon Chaney, Jr., Burgess Meredith, and many other noted stars making their television debuts; Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, based on the popular story by Robert Heinlein and 13 color episodes of Jungle Boy, an adventure series from 1955. In addition to superb visual quality resulting from film-to-digital transfers from original prints and pre-print elements, Wade Williams has taken great pains to create truly astounding packaging concepts which Image plans to incorporate into the new DVD releases. Original 50’s poster art as well as new original artwork will be used to market and promote these new DVD editions.

Whew… as a B-movie buff and lover, I can’t wait to see these films on DVD. It is great to see Image’s commitment to release films many other studios simply overlook.

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