The beat goes on in Facets Music on Video catalog

The most comprehensive collection of music related videos in one convenient
source guide, Facets Music on Video Catalog, will be published on August 1,
1999 by Facets Multi-media. The catalog includes over 1000 tapes, laser discs and DVDs encompassing all forms of the art of music: classical, opera, jazz, blues, R&B, country, gospel, rap and avant-garde. The new edition delivers the
world of music through visits to the world’s most prestigious symphonies,
discourses on musical movements and documentaries profiling the lives of
composers and musicians. An invaluable guide for music historians and
teachers, the catalog includes a special section of instructional tapes
demonstrating everything from learning to play blues piano, bluegrass
fiddle, mastering flamenco guitar to kids creating jazz. Movie musical fans
will find every musical released by Hollywood currently available on video.

From classical composers Bach and Beethoven to visionaries John Cage and
Philip Glass, masters of American popular music Cole Porter and Irving
Berlin to current rappers and pop stars find equal billing with jazz & blues
greats Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, and Charlie Parker, remarkable singers
and song stylists Alberta Hunter, Billie Holiday and Joe Williams, to the
greatest stars of opera – past and present – Wagner, Verdi, Corigliano,
the depth and breadth of the collection is unrivaled. New sensations in the
field of world music, Aoutsider@ musicians, the rhythms of the burgeoning
Latin, African, Caribbean music scene, are all represented here. Ethnic
music from Ireland, Cajun bayous, polka bands, the reggae scene are included
along with a large collection of the best in folk and country – from
superstars of the Grand Old Opry to little-known practitioners of the
fingerpickin“ or slide guitar. The world’s great music is covered whether it
be listened to by the hushed audience of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra or an
exuberant crowd rocking out to the recent Stones tour.

Please visit Facets” Website for more information on the Facets Music on Video Catalog.

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