Slingshot Entertainment debuts first Reader’s Digest DVD

Today SlingShot Entertainment announced the release of the first DVD for Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. — a three-part DVD based on the best-selling Reader’s Digest series, Nature’s Great Events.

Shipping on July 21, the first part in the series “Great Milestones” will carry a suggested retail of $29.99. It will be followed by “Great Hunts” on August 4, and “Great Journeys” on August 18.

“Great Milestones.” Shows the miracle of birth renews the cycle of life. Whether chipping an eggshell or dropping legs first to the turf, wildlife newborns are perfectly tuned to thrive in their environment. Discover unique events around the world, devoted and nurturing parents, rarely seen touching moments.
“Great Hunts.” The struggle to survive is played out daily in the great forests and plains, rivers and lakes, of the world’s wilderness areas. Working alone or in groups, perfectly adapted to sustain the delicate balance of nature, the greatest hunters on earth follow life- maintaining patterns honed by evolution.

“Great Journeys.” Down through the ages, creatures of the wild have embarked on epic journeys that challenge the exploits of our greatest explorers. Once a year they repeat spectacular migrations whose origins are lost in time. What mysterious clock sets off their treks? What hidden compass guides them?

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