Shakespeare In Love will come in a 16×9 enhanced widescreen version

The rumor has been around the Internet for a while now and we are finally able to confirm the word on the street. The rumors are true! Miramax’s upcoming release of Shakespeare In Love will indeed feature a 16×9 enhanced transfer! This is a first for any title that goes through Buena Vista’s release channel and is quite remarkable, considering the company’s vehement stance on the issue so far.

However, before expectations get too high, this is the only release so far that will see an anamorphic treatment. Do not expect this to become a standard feature of Buena Vista releases. At this point this will definitely not happen. It is an exception and as such we will see most other releases in their traditional 4:3 letterboxed formats until a general decision pro-anamorphic transfers is being made. There are strong currents and proponents for the enhancement within the studio itself however, so this chance could potentially come anytime soon.

The most interesting thing about the 16×9 transfer on “Shakespeare In Love” is that Buena Vista planned to release the feature completely unannounced without giving it much media attention.

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