Pioneer shifts to DVD and VHS, drops Laserdisc business

Pioneer Entertainment has announced completion of its transition into a fully integrated home-entertainment company that supplies unique home-video product in the DVD and VHS formats. After years of being the pre-eminent laserdisc supplier, shifted focus to DVD and VHS, which now accounts for more than 90 percent of the company’s software business, replacing all of its laserdisc business. With more than 20 new titles on VHS and DVD being offered each month, the transition to the new formats has now been completed.

With the explosion of Japanese animation in the United States, Pioneer has established a strong foothold with the animated family series “Pokemon.” In conjunction with its partner Viz Video, “Pokemon” was launched in late 1998. The title has shipped more than 2 million units in the United States alone and is headed for a tremendous holiday season.

Other animated family titles the company offers are the current “Dragonball Z,” which is rated the No. 1 show on the Cartoon Network. Coming soon will be a trilogy of features from “Sailor Moon,” also a Cartoon Network top performer, and Pioneer’s first preschool property, “Miffy,” a popular book property that shipped more than 80 million books worldwide.

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