Netflix launches aggressive growth plan after cash injection

Spurred by the explosive growth of the DVD market and the widespread acceptance of e-commerce among consumers, enters a new phase of growth as the leading pioneer of e-rentals. The company has just received a $30 million injection by renowned luxury product leader, Group Arnault, which will allow to expand on their promotional activities. As a result of the arrangement, will also add new high-level executives to the company to compliment the current, established executive team.

With the installed base of DVD players expected to reach beyond 3.3 million by the end of 1999, DVD continues to reign as the fastest selling home entertainment platform in history. As such, is continuing to solidify its strategic relationships with leading DVD hardware and home theater equipment manufactures including Sony, Toshiba, RCA/Thomson Consumer Electronics, Pioneer, Panasonic and others.’s aggressive marketing tactics have proven to be tremendously successful — in-box coupons and promotional offers reach virtually all DVD hardware consumers.

One such promotion will start immediately and includes an offer for free DVD rentals with DVD player and Home Theater product purchases from notable consumer electronics brands Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, JVC, Kenwood, Mitsubishi, Marantz, Sony, Toshiba, RCA/Thomson Consumer Electronics and Pioneer. With this promotion, will be represented industry-wide in all key DVD player boxes shipped this year.

Both current and previous purchasers (prior to promotion start date) of any above-listed DVD player brand are eligible to obtain free DVD rentals from when they place their first order with the online rental
store. By using the code supplied on the box insert and point-of-sale material, customers simply log onto the store’s website, redeem their coupons, and choose from’s unsurpassed inventory of DVD titles.

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