My Science Project

My Science Project (1985)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Barry Corbin, Dennis Hopper, Richard Masur, Fisher Stevens, John Stockwell

Recently, Anchor Bay has released several older Disney films on DVD and by far the best looking of the bunch is “My Science Project”. The film is letterboxed at 2.35:1 and the framing appears accurate, with no compression artifacts at all.
The picture is very clear, with only a little darkening from the source material. However, the pinks and light-blues that make up the majority of the films special effect shots during the finale look great. The film’s Dolby Surround soundtrack actually packs quite a punch and is very active throughout the film.

While “My Science Project” has a quality presentation, the film itself leaves something to be desired. Marking the directorial debut of “The Last Starfighter” scribe Johnathan Beutel, “My Science Project” focuses on Mike (Christine’s John Stockwell) a high-school slacker who searches an abandoned army base for something to present as a science project. He finds a strange device that opens a time portal and brings many strange creatures from throughout history into the school. The film was obviously an attempt to capture the Ghostbusters/Back To The Future crowd, but it can’t live up to those classics. Still it has it’s moments, and it’s fun to watch Dennis Hopper’s work from that period of his life that he can’t remember.