Monarch Home Video ressurects Laurel & Hardy on DVD

Monarch Home Video, a new player in the arena of DVD publishers just sent us information on an upcoming release that will hit DVD on August 31.

After an absence of 47 years on the big screen, the laughable, lovable, wonderful slapstick humor of Laurel and Hardy, one of the greates comedy duos ever, return to the screen in an updated, full color comedy feature film. Starring Bronson Pinchot as Stan Laurel’s nephew, Gailard Sartain as Oliver Hardy’s nephew and F. Murray Abraham as Professor Covington, the perfect foil for the madcap antics of the hapless duo, The All New Adventures Of Laurel And Hardy: For Love Or Mummy is a spectacular film, true to the simplicity that characterized the early Laurel and Hardy films. Pinchot and Sartain provide the perfect likenesses and mannerisms of the original duo, creating the ideal chemistry to bring the film full circle. The movie is a thoroughly updated, action-packed comedy in which Laurel and a love-struck Hardy are pitted against evil villains, modern gadgetry and an irrepressible ancient mummy — all for the sake of love. As escorts for a sacred Egyptian exhibit, sponsored by a mysterious importer, the boys are blamed when the mummy of Prince Haoutah turns up missing. The hijinks turn hair-raising as Stan and Ollie run from the importer, the police and the rampaging, reanimated remains of the three thousand year old mummy, who intends to make Ollie’s dream girl his bride.

Sounds like fun in the true Laurel and Hardy fashion, so watch out when the new adventures of Laurel and Hardy comes to your store on August 31 at a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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