Columbia sends info about Sense And Sensibility your way

Columbia Tristar Home Video just released detailed information about their upcoming title Sense And Sensibility as we had announced last month. Scheduled for a release on August 17, the highly acclaimed “Sense And Sensibility” is the romantic story of two Dashwood sister played by Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.

When Henry Dashwood dies, his estate must pass by law to his son from his first marriage. These circumstances leave his current wife and their three daughters without a home and with barely enough money to live on. In their effort to survive the harshness of live, the sisters embark in passionate love affairs and romances, trying to find fulfillment in a society obsessed with financial and social status.

“Sense And Sensibility” will contain a commentary track by lead actress Emma Thompson, the film’s producer Lindsay Doran, director Ang Lee and co-producer James Shamus. The disc will also feature Emma Thompson’s memorable Golden Globe acceptance speech and 2 scenes that were deleted from the film. Columbia Tristar will release “Sense And Sensibility” in a 16×9 enhanced widescreen version with Dolby Digital soundtracks in English, Spanish and Portuguese and a number of subtitles at a suggested retail price of $27.95.

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