ATI brings new graphics board with hardware DVD acceleration for $99

ATI Technologies Inc. today announced the XPERT 2000(TM), with 32 MB of memory, 32-bit true color acceleration and full hardware DVD acceleration for only $99. The board will become available in August and give users strong 2D and 3D, 32-bit true acceleration, hardware DVD and 32 MB of graphics memory.

The XPERT 2000 is fully optimized to operate in 32-bit true color to provide optimal visual quality graphics. And it does so with minimal performance degradation, providing true color with a performance level equal to that of a card that supports only 16-bit color. With hardware DVD, the XPERT 2000 produces high quality DVD images at full-screen, full frame rate playback. XPERT 2000 allows even low cost PCs the ability to play back DVDs without burdening the processor. This makes the XPERT 2000 the ideal solution for running interactive DVD applications and watching DVD movies.

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