A look at the first part of Nightmare On Elm Street and its main menu

New Line Home Video will release a box set with all 7 parts of the Nightmare On Elm Street series and for now only the first installment in the series, Wes Craven’s original Nightmare, will be available as an individual disc. We are proud that we can now unveil the cover artwork for this separate first part of the series here. Please click on the image on the left for an enlarged version of the cover. We also have a screenshot of the disc’s main menu for you, so make sure to click here for close-up look at this image.

Apart from the 7 parts of the series, the Nightmare On Elm Street box set will also contain an eighth disc that will be filled with supplements, including a new documentary called Welcome To My Nightmare. New Line went to quite some lengths with this release, which is hardly surprising, as the Elm Street series can be considered the company’s crown jewels. Hence all the discs will feature brand new anamorphic transfers. The supplements will be richer than ever and the documentary will not onlytake you on a journey to the Elm Street, but to the beginnings of New Line Cinema in general. Wes Craven himself has been contributing substantially to the supplements according to New Line Home Video to make sure Freddy is making his ultimate entrance on DVD. Among the other supplements will be commentary tracks, fan comments, a trivia game, the original screenplays of all the films and the original Dokken music video for “Dream Warriors” starring Freddy Krueger, among many other rare and unseen materials. A breathtaking opening animation and fully animated menus will round up the releases. We sure can’t wait to get our hands on that package.

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