Which Mummy to choose – more info on Universal’s blockbuster release

As we had announced yesterday, Universal is sending The Mummy your way in September. Universal’s press release contained some interesting information that we wanted clear up before relaying it to you, in order to avoid confusion.

The first thing is that Universal is pricing this Collector’s Edition of Stephen Sommers“ “The Mummy” at 29.98, as opposed to the 34.98 price point they gave all their other Collector’s Editions. “It’s an experiment”, our Universal contact told us. Universal is trying to find out how much pricing affects sell-through of certain titles and hence want to use “The Mummy” as a test balloon. Depending on what results come from that, future releases might be down-priced as well, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The second interesting change in the release of “The Mummy” is the fact that for the first time, Universal is offering a Collector’s Edition in two different formats. Like “Patch Adams” this month, “The Mummy” will be available in two separate versions, one of the using a 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer, the other a fullscreen presentation. Unlike the “Patch Adams” experiment however, both discs will be full-blown Collector’s Editions with all the extras. Once again, Universal is using their summer blockbuster to find out more about viewers” preferences to make sure they can better cater to their customers’ wishes.

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