Welcome the DVD Review Online Auction

We have just opened our latest section in “DVD Review” to accomodate your wishes and needs, and we are proud to present the DVD Review Online Auction.

The “DVD Review Online Auction” is a feature we have been working on for the past weeks and it will eventually replace our Marketplace message board and give you the chance to place items for sale, offering them to the tens of thousands of readers that visit “DVD Review” every day, or to bid on items you have been looking for for a long time. Over the next weeks we will refine the software that drives the auction to make sure it will meet your standards and will be as easily usable as possible. Please make sure to stop by and take a look, and help us spread the word about this exciting new feature. Let’s make sure that the “DVD Review Online Auction” will become the first and foremost address for DVD and movie lovers to place and find their items on the Internet.

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