WAMO ups their hardware to fulfill growing DVD demand

Sony Electronics announced today that Warner Advanced Media Operations (WAMO),
one of the premier producers of DVD-Video titles in the world, has purchased a DVA-V1100 MPEG-2 Video Encoding System for its DVD premastering operations. WAMO is known for creating best-selling titles for Artisan, DreamWorks, GoodTimes, Image, Universal, and various Time Warner entertainment divisions.

WAMO made the decision to purchase the Sony system after a thorough evaluation of the system’s merits at WAMO’s compression and authoring facility in Olyphant, PA.

Sony’s DVA-1100 DVD premastering system includes the capability to export MPEG-2 encoded video that has been compressed using the DVA-V1100 Video Encoder for use in other, non-Sony, authoring packages that customers may already be using. By providing a stand-alone video encoding package, Sony allows facilities that already have an investment in authoring systems to improve the picture quality they can provide at a cost comparable to other high-end encoders.

The DVA-V1100 Video Encoder is part of the full DVA-1100 DVD premastering system, which is a complete set of integrated applications that provides all the tools necessary to create a DVD stream tape that is ready for replication. The DVA-1100 system includes all the hardware and software necessary to encode video, audio, subtitles, and menus, as well as create complex navigation using a simple drag-and-drop GUI.

For more information on Sony’s premastering systems, please visit Sony’s website.

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