The World of Art takes Form in Facets Visual Arts on Video Catalog

We have just received information about the most comprehensive collection of art related videos in one convenient source guide, Facets Visual Arts on Video Catalog, will be released on July 1, 1999 by Facets Multi-media, the nation’s acknowledged leader in fine arts videos. The catalog includes a large number of DVDs encompassing all aspects of the visual arts: painting, sculpture,
photography, printmaking, and architecture. The new edition delivers the
world of art through tours of the world’s finest art museums and galleries,
discourses on art movements and documentaries profiling the lives of
artists. An invaluable guide for art historians and teachers, the catalog
includes a special section of instructional tapes demonstrating everything
from watercolor techniques to making art fun for younger kids.

From cave paintings through Caravaggio to computer graphics, masters of the
Renaissance to Pollack and Rothko, art stars Keith Haring and Basquiat,
sculptors Alexander Calder and Isamu Noguchi sit alongside architects Philip
Johnson and Antonio Gaudi – the depth and breadth of the collection is
unrivaled. Newly discovered African American artists, “outsider” folk
artists, the burgeoning Latin American art scene, women artists, are all
represented here. The world’s great art is covered whether it be hanging or
displayed in Haiti, Central America or Panana or the Uffizi in Florence. Art
lovers will find retrospectives of art movements as diverse as
Impressionism, Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, Cubism, Fauvism, and

All of the DVDs in the catalog are available at home video prices, the majority in the $19.95 to $39.95 range. Copies of the Facets Visual Arts on Video Catalog are available free of charge from Facets Video, 1517 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60614. Call toll-free 800-331-6197 or e-mail
You can also access the complete catalog through the company’s website at

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