The first 8x DVD-ROM drive hits retail from AOpen

After Creative Labs and other manufacturers only recently introduced their 6x DVD-ROM drives to the market, AOpen will unleashes the first 8x DVD-ROM drive in July. This new 8x DVD-ROM drive offers the fastest sustained data transfer rate of DVD media, thus allowing users to fully enjoy DVD games, movies and other DVD- based applications on their PC.

With DVD media, the AOpen DVD-9836 has a sustained data transfer rate of 11.08MB/sec; by comparison, this transfer rate is faster than a 72x CD-ROM drive. Additional enhancements include the integration of AOpen’s unique digital servo mechanism technology. This greatly extends the life of the drive and keeps it running at optimal performance.

For maximum PC compatibility, the DVD-9836 is cross compatible with major CD and DVD media, including CD-R and CD-RW. Furthermore, the DVD-9836 conforms to
worldwide standards set by the DVD Forum. This means the drive is available in E-IDE/ATAPI and Ultra-DMA bus models. Because of this, the drive also easily installs with the plug-n-play features of Windows 95/98. Those who are migrating their media to DVD will appreciate that the DVD-9836 adopts the UDF bridge format, which gives the drive backward compatibility with various operating systems.

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