Netflix welcomes DIVX owners with five free rentals, the world’s first and largest DVD rental store, will offer Divx owners five free DVD rentals as part of a program to welcome new customers to the online rental store. Offering a convenient alternative to Divx, a format which has ceased production as announced today by Digital Video Express, offers a wide selection of more than 3,600 DVD titles. Effective immediately, Divx owners can log onto home page and with a special offer code: 19497315, they can redeem five free DVD rentals. This special offer is valid through December 31, 1999 and does not include shipping and handling costs. offers many consumer benefits that Divx owners are looking for: no driving to the video store, no lines at check-out, and exception availability on all DVD titles. With, Divx owners can also enjoy all value-added features and benefits of open DVD, in addition to a seven-day rental period for any title in the store’s vast inventory.

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