Major DVD players team up again to hit 4 million players by year’s end

In an effort to reach a four million DVD player customer base by then end of the year, the DVD industry once again teams up for a major promotional effort. Artisan, Buena Vista, Columbia Tristar, New Line and Warner Home Video in association with Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, RCA, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba today announced a new DVD campaign that will kick off on August 22 and will run through to January 2, 2000. The program will feature five free DVD movies with the purchase of one of any model DVD player made by one of the participating hardware manufacturers. The campaign will be supported by a multi-million dollar television and print advertising program and will include point-of-purchase materials for display in retail stores.

The five movies that will be given away with these purchases will be Artisan’s “Stargate”, Buena Vista’s “Six Days, Seven Nights”, “Stepmom” from Columbia Tristar, “Lost In Space” from New Line and Warner Home Video’s “Lethal Weapon 4”.

With current sales figures having far exceeded 2 million players, the aim to reach 4 million players by Christmas is not out of reach. Help spread the word…

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