Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons will hit DVD in September

On September 7, Buena Vista Home Video will unleash Jackie Chan and his twin, Jackie Chan, on your TV sets and home theaters. As part of their massive DVD rollout in August and September, Twin Dragons is one of Chan’s most furious action comedies. Double your fun and thrills as Jackie plays twins who are separated at birth. Years later, the concert pianist and the race car driver/bodyguard are reunited and the adventure begins.

As you certianly remember, we have been exclusivley revealing Buena Vista’s August and September releases here earlier and you can find all the details in our Film Vault. Nevertheless, Buena Vista has now added a number of titles to the long list of releases during those summer months, which we will add to the database later today. So, please make sure to stop by again later to check for all those exciting titles and the details.

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