Fox is preparing an action packed August for DVD owners

We have just gotten the latest title announcements for Fox Home Video’s August line-up, and it is going to be a hot month, indeed! As we had mentioned some time ago already, There’s Something About Mary is coming to DVD on August 3, but the release schedule on that day also includes titles like Dr. Dolittle, Raising Arizona and A Life Less Ordinary.

On August 10 we will see the day & date release of Simply Irresistible starring vampire slayer Sarah Michele Gellar at a suggested retail price of $34.98, while Jennifer Aniston is fighting for her own Office Space on August 17, also day & date with the VHS release.

August 31 is sizzling hot for action fans when Fox is pulling out the big guns and releases the Arnold Schwarzenegger Promotion 4-pack, including Predator, Commando, The Running Man and Total Recall. Fox is able to present these titles after licensing two of the films from Artisan Entertainment. The box set will come with a price tag of $109.98.

The true highlight of the month however is the Bruce Lee DVD Promotion 4-pack. Fox is still keeping the four titles that will go into this box set in the dark, but they do own the rights to Chinese Connection, Fists of Fury, Return of the Dragon and Game of Death, so you never know… maybe those are the films we’ll get to see in this box set for a mere $99.98. Of course we’ll keep you posted when more details come in.

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