Apollo Expert finally makes DVD authoring affordable

DV Studio Technologies LLC just
announced two new DVD applications that incorporate its new Apollo Expert MPEG-2 hardware encoder and software.

Apollo Expert Author(TM) is a complete DVD authoring solution, and Apollo Expert Archiver(TM) can be used for
archiving VHS and other video standards onto DVD disks.
It includes Apollo Expert MPEG-2 encoding hardware and software and INTEC’s DVD authoring software and carries a suggested retail price of $3,995.

According to DV Studiot his is truly a complete DVD authoring solution. With the June release of Pioneer’s more affordable DVD Writer Drive (model DVR-S102) at an approximate MSRP of $5,000, desktop DVD creation is now at hand while competitive authoring solutions still cost from $20,000 to $250,000.

Apollo Expert Archiver includes Apollo Expert MPEG-2 encoding hardware and software, and a DVD-RAM drive with
Windows NT drivers. It is priced at $2,495 MSRP.

So, pull out your credit cards and get in line. It is time to put all those family videos on DVD and preserve them for coming generations.

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