Adult Entertainment steps into the mainstream

Vivid Interactive have long been actively pushing to find more outlets for their adult video products and over time the persistence has paid off. Vivid titles are now carried by many major video chain stores, including Tower and Hollywood Video. Now they are taking another step by directly communicating with consumers.

On Tuesday, June 8 at 6:30 p.m. PST, DVD Talk will be hosting a live online chat with leading adult DVD studio, Vivid Interactive, and one of the adult DVD online retailers.

Seen as a technology pioneer in the emergence of VCRs and home video, the adult film industry is a driving force in the explosive DVD market. Adult DVD producers have been early to adopt new capabilities of the emerging medium, including multi-angle viewing, Internet connectivity, and interactive DVD-ROM content. And with online retail outlets, companies like Vivid Interactive are reaching a whole new audience.

Unlike the boom in adult video, where titles were kept in dark rooms in the back of a video store, this next generation of adult entertainment is being sold online at retailers who provide a safe, less imposing e-commerce experience specifically designed for the mainstream public, especially women.

So, stop by there Tuesday night and see what makes Vivid so dominant in the market and what their future plans are.

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