Warner/Accolade/Greenleaf to Debut DVD Encrypted Game Bundle At E3 Expo

Greenleaf Technologies Corp. has set E3 Expo for the debut of Accolade Family Spectacular, the initial game bundle to be released under the newly formed WAG — a manufacturing and marketing agreement comprising Warner Advanced Media Operations (WAMO), Accolade Inc. and Greenleaf Technologies (WAG).

The first-ever encrypted game bundle released on DVD, Accolade Family Spectacular includes free copies of the Jack Nicklaus, “Golf My Way” MPEG2/Dolby Digital Video (playable on PC and set top DVD), Super Bubsy®, and demo versions of Jack Nicklaus® 5, HardBall® 6 2000 Edition and Test Drive® 5. Full versions of the games are encrypted on the disc, and are available for play after purchase via the Internet or by phone.

According to the companies, “The vision of the WAG Team is to make available quality entertainment products via forms of advanced media. Our initial focus is bundling encrypted software on DVD and leveraging our relationship with the WAMO Worldwide Affiliate Program to establish WAG as a global powerhouse in the gaming industry.”

An unprecedented agreement, WAG was established Feb. 23, 1999, as a means to capitalize on the strengths of each member, with the goal to create and market multiple computer software titles on a single DVD disc.

Each DVD will be encrypted utilizing Greenleaf’s proprietary DigiGuard(TM) security technology, marketed and distributed to OEMs leveraging WAMO’s unparalleled global network, and will feature Accolade’s renowned content.

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