Rammstein to hit DVD later this year, Live From Berlin

It’s a midsummer pyromaniac’s dream as Germany’s hottest export Rammstein returns to the United States for its first ever full scale headlining tour. Riding the success of its soon-to-be-platinum Sehnsucht (Desire) LP and its appearances on the recent Family Values tour, CD and home video, the East German sextet plans to unveil new aspects of its world renowned stage show never before seen in the States.

Even veteran Rammstein concertgoers — who have grown accustomed to vocalist
Till Lindemann bursting into flames, guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul
Landers singing into flaming mic stands, drummer Christoph Schneider showering
sparks from his drumsticks and so on — can expect a few surprises.

The tour, which will be Rammstein’s final outing before returning to the
studio to record the follow-up to Sehnsucht, kicks off June 1 in Washington DC
and concludes June 23 in Los Angeles. See the attached listing for exact
dates, venues, support acts, etc.

Later this summer, Rammstein will unleash a multi-format audio/video
chronicle of its August 1998 homecoming concerts. Filmed over the course
of two shows at Berlin’s Wuhlheide open air festival grounds, the VHS/CD/DVD
(working title: Live Aus Berlin (Live From Berlin)) documents a one-time-only event: The execution of an extra-theatrical, extra-pyrotechnical Rammstein live
experience staged upon a custom-built nearly 100-foot-high set. See what was
witnessed by a lucky 50,000 or so of the millions of Rammstein fans worldwide,
as the band gives something back to the hometown supporters who first put them
on the map.

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