Next Nintendo video console on the horizon, sporting DVD drives by Matsushita

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd and Nintendo Co Ltd said on Wednesday that Matsushita would develop and supply digital video disc (DVD) media and drive devices for Nintendo’s next-generation game console.

Nintendo also said its new console would use microprocessors made by International Business Machines Corp (IBM – news). Matsushita and Nintendo said they agreed on wide-ranging collaboration in digital network home electronics, based on the DVD platform. The two companies said they will cooperate on products that incorporate game-machine and digital audio-video technologies.

Nintendo’s next game machine will use a 400Mhz IBM chip as its central processor and a 200Mhz chip designed by ArtX Inc of the United States for graphics. Adding game entertainment and network functions to DVD-based products could lead to new DVD applications, Matsushita said in a statement.

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