Girl Power Rules at Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay Entertainment just announced three 70s titles fro release on DVD on June 15. First off is Two Undercover Angels aka “Sadisterotica”, another film by Jess Franco, starring the super sleuths from “Kiss Me Monster”, Diana and Regina.

Then there are the The Swinging Cheerleaders when legendary cult director Jack Hill serves up one of the 70s most subversive and surprising drive-in favorites. The disc will also contain a commentary track by Jack Hill and film historian Johnny Legend.

Finally, there is Ebony, Ivory And Jade, directed by prolific filmmaker Cirio Santiago, this 70s classic features a group of traveling female athletes who are captured from Hong Kong Olympics, and sold as slaves to a group of sadists.

All discs will carry a $29.98 suggested retail price, and feature full color picture discs.

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