Eurotrash and Argento fans, listen up – here’s the latest

We have just received new information of upcoming titles through Anchor Bay and the Roan Group, produced by Bill Lustig.

Two additional Dario Argento movies are currently in preparation for release, namely Inferno and Deep Red. On top of that Lucio Fulci’s Gates Of Hell, Don’t Torture A Duckling and New York Ripper have also been confirmed. The original Italian version of the 1975 shocker Autopsy is also in the making with 30 minutes of additional footage, previously unseen in the US.

Lamerto Bava’s Shock, also known as Beyond The Door II is currently going through a remastering with a brand new transfer, supervised by Bill Lustig.

There are also a number of other titles coming, like Sergio Martino’s horror thriller Torso and the Franco Nero starrers Django and Django Strikes Again. “Django” will feature an opening prologue that has never been seen in the US before. This original 5-minute prologue will be fully integrated into the film with subtitles. To round up the Eurohorror trip for today, other titles that are on the slate are J.J. Bigas Luna’s Anguish, a gruesome horror film from Spain starring Zelda Rubinstein and Michael Lerner, as well as Bloodsplattered Bride in its fully restored, uncut 94-minute version for the first time in the US.

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