DVD Express enlists camping neighbors as movie reviewers

The line of fans awaiting the May 19 premiere of “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” at Mann’s Chinese Theater is steadily creeping toward the offices of DVD Express, just steps away on Hollywood Boulevard.

So, DVD Express, has enlisted its new neighbors as DVD movie reviewers for its Web site and dedicated a special Camp Star Wars tribute to these Jedi stalwarts. DVD Express has helped to arm the laptop computers of the fans in line with DVD-ROM drives as well as provide them with scores of DVD movies to watch while they wait.

“When we saw we had over 250 new neighbors living in front of the theater, we wanted to make their stay in Hollywood as enjoyable as possible. We also realized they were the perfect group of movie buffs to critique a few DVDs for us. They’re having a great time doing it and hooking up with the thousands of film fans who regularly visit DVD Express,” said Susan Daniher, vice president of marketing.

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