Here is more information on the Stanley Kubrick Collection

We have just received an image of the complete box set of the Stanley Kubrick Collection we have been able to reveal earlier this week. As we announced on Monday, this box set will contain all six titles by the director released by Warner Home Video, as well as “Dr. Strangelove” from Columbia Home Video. As you can see from the spine of the discs in the box set, the disc will carry the “Columbia Tristar Home Video” logo without any reference to Warner, but it will have the same line look as the Warner discs and come in a snapper case.

Please click on the image to the left for an enlarged version of the box set image, as well as the new cover of “Dr. Strangelove” as it will appear in the “Stanley Kubrick Collection”.

In another interesting related splinter, chances are MGM Home Entertainment will re-work the cover artwork for their upcoming Kubrick releases “The Killing” and “Paths Of Glory” as well to match this line look. Although this has not been confirmed yet, MGM indicated that the packaging may be “subject to change”.

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