DVD hardware shortages stemmed sales swell

According to an article in today’s “Variety”, Marc Graser reports that 390.000 DVD players have been shipped to retailersi nthe first quarter of 1999. However, he indicates that more players ocvuld have been sold if not a hardware shortage would have left many retailers out of stock.

The article also indicates that hardware prices are expected to fall by the end of this year, further pushing DVD hardware. Manufacturers are currently shipping their third- and fourth-generation machines and are thinning out older models.

DVD’s numbers far surpass struggling pay-per-view rival Divx. Comparably, its
developer Digital Video Express, an offshoot
of electronics retailer Circuit City, has sold
more than 100,000 Divx-equipped players in
the U.S.

From 1997 to 1998, hardware manufacturers
shipped 1.4 million DVD units and the DVD
Video Group projects the number to exceed
2 million units in 1999.

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