Defective The Black Hole here’s what you do!

Various reports came in about the defective version of Anchor Bay’s The Black Hole and Demons 2. We talked to Anchor Bay to see what happened and how they deal with the situation and here’s the deal. First of all let me tell you, though, that the people at Anchor Bay feel really bad about the problems.

Channel 5 of the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix on “The Black Hole” is defective and the problem has completely slipped Disney’s technical service guys who QA’ed the release. A new master with the problem fixed will be in by April 10, and starting by April 19 Anchor Bay will replace retailers’ inventory as well as consumer purchases with good inventory.

Demons 2 had two visual glitches and replacement discs are already available and shipping at this point, which means not everyone is actually experiencing this problem.

To have either one of the discs replaced, please get in touch with your local retailer or send your defective discs directly to Anchor Bay for replacement. Here’s the address: Anchor Bay Entertainment, 500 Kirts Boulevard, Troy, MI 48084. Please bear in mind however that the replacement discs for “The Black Hole” will become available by the end of the month only.

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