Back To The Future sees major setback

We just got word from Universal Home Video that there are unexpected problems with the DVD release of their highly anticipated Steven Spielberg title Back To The Future. The film had been scheduled for a May release but today a Universal representative told us not to expect “Back To The Future” to hit DVD anytime soon. Although Universal did not give us details exactly why the title is being delayed, Peter Bracke over at the “DVD File” has just created an interesting essay about Steven Spielberg films and their DVD incarnations, in which he also mentions the “Back To The Future” delay, attributing it to problems with the bonus materials. We will, of course, keep you posted as new information becomes available.

In the meanwhile we got some information about DVD titles in that WILL be released in the month of June. Expect Gods and Monsters, Psycho (1998), Battlestar Galactica, K-9 and a Collecotr’s Edition of Last Starfighter to hit the shelves of your retailers on June 8. On June 22 then, day&date with its VHS release, Universal will also release Patch Adams with Robin Williams. Interestingly Universal Home Video has decided to release to separate versions of the film on DVD, one of them featuring a pan & scan transfer and another one as a full blown Collector’s Edition with a 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer.

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